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Misery of Sound- Blackpool's Goth night
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DJ's who have spun the decks at Mis-Fest during 2008 & 2009

DJ Vibeakimbo
DJ's from Mis-Fest 2009
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Resident Mis-Fest and Misery of Sound DJ & Promoter
Musical Influences: Goth/Deathrock/Batcave/Horrorpunk/Psychobilly
Grimly Fiendish started DJ-ing on early 2005. He had slots are different places in the North of England and finally set up Misery of Sound in March 06. He has since DJ'ed at Darklands, Dark-Cide, Club Lash, Whitby Alternative,Dead & Buried, March Violets Reunion gig, Kreepers Klub, and the Batcave 25th Anniversary in London.
DJ De'ath- DJ, Promoter, Reviewer, Lover of all things Gothic.
Musical Influences: Gothic/Deathrock/Mittelalter/Gothic Rock.
De'ath started DJ-ing in July 1999. He formed his first club night Black Out in 1999 & then Black Veil in 2001.
He now works alongside DJ Batastrophe at Prophecy.
DJ De'ath has DJ-ed at many different events around the world including: Creeper Festival Vilnius Lithuania,The Dark Chamber Festival Madrid Spain,Gothomania M25 Club Warsaw Poland.
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DJ Cavey Nik
DJ Batastrophe, Resident DJ and promoter for Goth and Alternative club 'Darklands' in York and Wirral.
Musical Influences: Mainly Goth, Deathrock, Industrial, Synthpop, J-goth, EBM and underground Alternative bands.
DJ Batastrophe works with DJ De'ath at Prophecy which is now at The Hotel California in Tranmere.
He provides a full time Goth DJ and mobile disco service.
DJ Cavey Nik- London based DJ and gig promoter.
Musical Influences: Deathrock, Goth, Post Punk, Horror Punk, Gothabilly, some 60's Garage....dark music.
DJ at Dead & Buried London, and also at Glittery Dust 80's night in the capitol. DJ Cavey Nik has DJ-ed at many UK events and also worldwide including:
Drop Dead Festival NYC and Prague, Pagan Love Songs Germany, Whitby Gothic Weekend UK,
Bats Over Milan and Rome in Italy, and Le Klub Paris.
DJ's from Mis-Fest 2008
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